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7th Annual Atlanta Bully Education Rally

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Wow..The 7th Annual Atlanta Bully Educational Rally has come and gone. We sure had a wonderful time seeing all of our two legged and four legged friends.

This was Big Daddy Biscuits third year sponsoring this event and love being able to see what a difference this makes to these inner city kids.
We were able to see our friend Piggy and her Mama DogMa from Sleeps With Dogs.

Check out the rest of of pictures from our fun day at the Halloween costume contest from the Green Market too!!

Taking things Slowly: Our Long-Term Foster

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Jenna missed visiting our secret park I think!

Have you ever wanted to adopt a pet but weren’t sure how another animal would fit in to your family? Long term fostering might be a good option for you.

My husband, Dave, and I have wanted a dog for a long time, but things just never seemed right. He works full time, and I was working not only a nine-to-five job but running a crafty business and doing freelance writing on the side. We didn’t have the time or energy to commit to a dog, and our cats liked it that way. In fact, our two super spoiled, super adorable cats were one of the main things holding us back from getting a dog.

Then, back in January, we were headed to PetCo to pick up some litter for our kitties and that’s when we spotted Jenna: a lab-pit mix at Lifeline’s Saturday adoption day event. Jenna didn’t jump around and bark – she just looked at us with big, sweet eyes, and we fell in love immediately. We had a long talk after that about how things were different in our house now. I’d traded in my nine-to-five and stopped selling my crafts, so that I could focus on writing. That meant I had a flexible schedule and more free time to give a dog the love and attention she needs. Our main worry in adopting Jenna was our cats.

Molly and Agnes – our two tuxedo cats – are spoiled rotten. I mean, they run this house, and they are very anti-dog. When friends bring their dogs over, there is a lot of puffed up hissing and maybe even some swatting, so we were nervous about committing to a dog adoption without seeing how she did with our cats.

The Long Term Foster

The folks at Lifeline completely understood our concerns and suggested that rather than adopting right away we become Jenna’s foster parents. Fostering is a temporary situation that’s usually just for a few weeks or months until the dog gets adopted. In our case, though, Lifeline would let us foster without trying to adopt her out. It was more of a trial period that they said could last as long as we wanted.

Jenna had a rough start. She lived with a hoarder who never let her out of her craft for her first six months of life. She was with Lifeline for 2 1/2 years and was still very fearful when we took her in. For the first couple of days we had her, all that she did was cower and tremble. She wouldn’t even go to the bathroom for the first 36 hours!

There were some rough moments between her and the cats in the first few months, and I think knowing that we could back out made it a little bit easier to get through those times.

Debbie at Lifeline was also super supportive. I can’t count the number of phone calls, emails, and text messages I sent her with questions about Jenna and how to handle different situations. We would have been lost without that support, and to be honest I don’t know that we could have handled Jenna without it.

We’ve had Jenna for almost 7 months now, and she is a completely different dog from when we got her. Thanks to support from Lifeline and the free obedience training that Frogs to Dogs offers for foster dogs, she’s transformed from that cowering, shaking dog we first started fostering into a member of our family. We couldn’t imagine our house without her, and we’re going to make this adoption official this month!

Becky Striepe is an animal-lover and a freelance writer living in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two cats. You can check out her eco-friendly tutorials and vegan recipes on her site, Glue and Glitter.

Help Build A Fence

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Hi everyone…while my  human is busy in the kitchen on this gloomy day making some chicken soup, I thought it might be the perfect time to catch you all up on what has been going on with us since the first of the year.

Last year, the Deluxe Corporate  reached out to us to be part of success behind the scenes of small businesses. We were just honored to be asked and just look at the final outcome.  Behind The Scenes

We have also teamed up with our friends at Pets and the Sity to help raise money for a wonderful organization in Atlanta called Unchain My Heart – Benefit for the Coalition to Unchain Dogs.  We will have a Pit Bull kissing booth, amazing raffle items (Farm Burger, The EARL, Just Add Honey, Little Red Hen Bakeshop, Park Pet Supply, Pets in the Sity, Big Daddy Biscuits, The Pet Garage ..Plus so much more..Including and adoptable dogs.  $10 will get you in and you will receive a beer  and a raffle ticket…That is what I can a DEAL for a GREAT cause!!!

Come Help Us Build A Fence



Happy Holiday’s

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Big Daddy here…Wanted to share some of my holiday adventures. Looking forward to sharing all the plans we have for 2012.  For now, I just wanted to share some pictures that my mom took of me.

Happy Hanukkah 20ul things we have in store for everyone in the up coming year!!

I had so much fun doing this with my human.  Our friend Vyvyan took this picture for us.  She does this twice a year for both Halloween and Holiday’s.  This was the first time my mom was able to take me.

Trying Not To Laugh

I was a little nervous being in a new environment along with my poor eye sight. Mom and Vyvyan took great care of me.  The picture to the right was special because I really wanted to look good for mom.  If I do say so, I look rather handsome!!!


This last picture was difficult to take….just wanted to make my mom happy…And it was the holiday’s so how could I refuse.

Mama's Little Elf










We hope everyone had a great holiday and wishing you all the best in 2012.  To celebrate the new year we are offering 10% off your order.  Just enter 2012 when your human orders!








Dinner Mints Reviewed

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We Just Love Our Friends John And Paris From Dogtipper.  They Are A Great Source For Everything Dogs.  From Get New Items, Give-A-Ways, Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe And So Much More.  Two Years Ago, We Received A Wonderful Review About Our Biscuits.  At The Time My Human Did Not Send Them Our Dinner Mints, However, We Think She Really Liked Them.

Wishing I Was Able To Go With My Mom To The EAV Farmers Market This Evening With Mom In Costume, However, The Pictures Are Way Cute How She Decorated It.

This Is Our Friend Maria From The Little Red Hen Bakeshop Who Makes The Best Baked Goods

Whats Happening This Week In Big Daddy’s World

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Wow…I Can’t Believe That The Week Is Half Over.  I Guess Because So Much Has Happened.  It Started Out Fun By Being Able To Hang Out With Big Mama The Whole Day.  It Was Her Birthday And We Started Out On Our Walk Around The Park.  I Have Been Really Enjoying Doing This.  My Mom Meets Her Friend Kellyn And Her Furry Friend  Napolean (Nappy) Three Days A Week.  It Sure Has Been Making The Two Of Us Feel Really Good.  Well, I Have To Get Something Off My Chest.

While We Were On Our Walk Today, I Saw A Lady With Her Windows Completely Down With A German Shepard In The Car.  (But Came To Be Known, There Were Two)  Big Mama Actually Made A Point To Say That The Windows Need To Be Rolled Up For That Dog Is Going To Jump Out Of The Car.  That Did Not Happen, However, The Lady Just Opened The Dog And Let Both Of Her Dogs Run Out Of The Car And Just Run At Us As They Were Going To Attack.  Hair Mohawked From Their Neck To The Tail…No Collar, No Leash And Coming Straight For Us.   Once Again, My Mama Tried To Protect Me.  The Owners Of The Dog Did Not Even Attempt To Try To Control Her Dogs And Said They Were Just Fine.  Not Thinking About Nappy Or I.  She Just Did Not Get It.. On Any Level….

I Understand That Everyone Thinks Their Dog Is The Best And Would Never Hurt Another Dog.  However, What About How The Other Dog That It Is Running At….What About The Safety Of Her Dog Running Across The Street With Leash Or Collar?   The Park Not Being A Dog Park…What If There Are People In The Park That Are Scared Of Dogs…Running Off To Chase Other Dogs.

[polldaddy poll=5582972]

Let Us Know What You Think About This Subject…We Really Would Love To Know.

Thanks And Big Licks,

Big Daddy

Festivals And Expos Oh My!!!!

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As We Begin The Fall Season Big Daddy Has Been Enjoying The Wonderful Cool Temps That Are Happening In Atlanta And Getting Excited About All The Events That We Are Going To Participate In.  Please Come By To Say Howdy…We Would Just Love To See You All.

The Farmers Markets Have Been Amazing This Year And Can’t Believe We Only Have Six More Weeks.  Please Come Out And See Us At One Of Them:  Decatur Farmer Market On Wednesdays, East Atlanta Farmers Market On Thursdays, Piedmont Green Market And Marietta Square Farmers Market On Saturdays.

Events That We Will Be Part Of This Fall:

On October 22nd, We Are Sponsoring The 5th Annual Atlanta Bully Education Rally.  It Is To Promote Breed Awareness And Responsible Ownership. It Is Going To Be Some Much Fun….Lots Of Rescue Groups, Lots Of Great Vendors Along A Visit From Victoria Stilwell.

On November 5th, We Are So Honored To Have Been Accepted To The Marist Holiday Traditions Show. This Is So Exciting And Can’t Wait To Be Surrounded By Some Very Talented Artist And Being Able To Share Our Wonderful Biscuits.

November 12 Is Going To Be Amazing.  We Are Participating In The Atlanta Pet Expo.   That Is Being Held At The North Atlanta Trade Center.  There Are Going To Be Over 150 Vendors Showcasing Everything From Rescue Groups, Dog Training, About Pet Care, Volunteerism, Grooming, Pet Behavior & Training, Traveling with your Pet, How YOU Can Make a Difference, Different Types of Pets/Breeds, Veterinarian FAQ, Fun Activities for You & Your Pet. Shorty Rossi And Hercules Will Be There.  We Are Excited About Meeting Him.

Big Licks To Everyone For Your Support.  Looking Forward To Being Able To Help You With Your Holiday Gifts This Year Along With Seeing You At All The Events!!!

Big Mama And Big Daddy!!!

Can You Smell Fall?

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Can You Smell It?  That Crispness In The Air….The Sun Going Down  A Little Earlier Every Day…..The Longer Walks Anytime Of The Day, Looking At The Blue Sky With The Big White Puffy Clouds That We Are Playing I Say….  Several Reasons For This:  The Wonderful Festivals That Are Upon Us, Longer Walks Anytime Of The Day And The Most Important…It’s Big Mama’s Birthday!!!!

Just To Catch Everyone Up On What Has Been Going On…Last Weekend We Had Such A Wonderful Weekend.  It Was The East Atlanta Strut.  This Is Our Favorite Festival Of The Year Since It Is In Our Neighborhood.  This Is The Second Year We Have Done This And So Glad My Mom Took Me Along For The Day.  I Was Going To Walk In The Parade But At The Last Minute Things Changed. There Is Always Next Year However, I Was Able To See So Many Old Friends And Met Several New, Watch The Parade And Hang With My Mom All Day.  That Was A Wonderful Treat.

Ashton Could Not Get Enough Of Big Daddy

I Know That I Could Have Hung Out With This Young Man All Day Long.  His Name Is Ashton.  He Had No Fear At All.  Just Strolled Right Up And Started Petting Me.  I Could Have Stayed Like That All Day Long…I Think He Could Have Too!!  His Parents Told Me Ashton Has A Miniature Schnauzer And Is Not Able To Do This.

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What’s New In Big Daddy’s World

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It has Been A Minute Since We Have Been Able To Visit You However, I Promise To Visit Much More Frequent.

Meanwhile, We Have Been Really Enjoying Our 2011 Market Season.  We Have Enjoyed Watching Our New Friend Rocco, The Great Dane, Grow Up.  We Hope You Enjoy As Much As Much As My Human.  She Met Him At The Marietta Square Farmers Market.  We  Never Know When He Will Show Up So It Is Exciting To Watch Him Grow.  It Amazes Us How Many People Stop Them While They Are Walking Around.  They Are Always So Gracious With Their Time.  This Picture Is When We First Met Him.  How Could You Not Just Fall In Love With This Sweet Man.

If Was A Couple Of Weeks And My Human Was Wondering How Rocco Was And How Big Might Be.  Well, She Was Not Disappointed And Surprised To See His Growth.

Rocco At Seven Months

Goodness How He Has Grown.  At Four Months His Cute Face.  He Enjoyed Some Of Our Yummy Biscuits And Got Lots Of Love From All The Customers….Especially Big Mama.  She Was Wondering If He Remembers Her At All.  Or How Much Time Does It Take To Forget For A Dog To Forget Someone??

Gift Certificates

We Are So Excited To Be Able To Announce That We Now Have Big Daddy Dog Bucks.  They Are The Perfect Gift…My Humans Friend Traci Created These For Us.

$10.00 Big Daddy Bucks

Terminus City Ride To End Dog Fighting

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Terminus City Ride To Stop Dog Fighting

Big Mama And Her Friends Have Been Planning A Special Day To Help Raise Awareness To The Public To Help Stop Dog Fighting.

You Ask What Terminus City Is?  Well, Before Atlanta Was Called Atlanta It Was Called Marthasville, And Before That It Was Called Terminus City. Terminus City Was A Transportation Hub And Got Its’ Name Because This Was The Place Where The Major Railroad Lines Terminated. We Found The Name Fitting For The Cause. We’re Declaring This The End Of The Line For Dog Fighting.

What A Better Reason To Get On Your Motorcycle And Ride For The Dogs.  This Ride Is Benefiting Several Of The Pit Bull Rescue Groups  In Georgia:  Atlanta Bully RescueAnimal Action Rescue, Shelter Angles Pit Bull Rescue, Coalition To Unchain Dogs, Atlanta Underdog Initiative, Friends Of The Forlorn.

These Are Some Amazing Groups And The People Behind Are Doing Some Great Things For Our Community.

The Ride is Starting At:  Frazier’s Harley-Davidson, 4699 Friendship Rd., Buford, GA 30519.  Registration Starts At 10am And The Ride Kicks Off At Noon Ending At Bones Garden Cantina.    The Ride Will Cost $25 And If A Passenger Is Joining Add An Additional $10.  Each Will Receive a Shirt And A Dog Collar And At The End Some Big Daddy Biscuits

My Human Is Going To Be There Selling Our Yummy Dog Biscuits And Is Donating A Portion Of The Sales To Be Split Between All The Groups.  Our Friends King Of Pops Will Be There To Help To Cool Us Off With Some YUMMY Pops On This Day.  Some Great Raffle Prizes Along With Bully The Kid For Our Entertainment.