About Us

Sustainability, going organic and supporting local farmers and the community are hot trends driving the “locavore” movement these days. And, for one local Atlanta entrepreneur, there should be no reason why this should not apply equally to our four-legged friends as well. “Pets are people too” says Lauren Janis, proprietor of Big Daddy Biscuits (www.bigdaddybiscuits.com) with a wink and her ever-present, mischievous smile. “What’s good for people is also good for our animals and buying local just makes sense, regardless of who is consuming the product.”

Given recent food scares, the issues we face with industrial food and the need to support our local economy in these difficult times, it’s hard to disagree with her. And one whiff – and, I’ll admit, a nibble (or two) – of her all-natural farm-to-table doggie treats will convince anyone that she may be onto something. With flavors as alluring and complex as “Cheese Bites with Garlic”, “Crunchy Organic Peanut Butter” or “Turkey Bacon Bites”, your dog will not only be happy to support local food but may well become quite the gourmet in the process. Woof!

Lauren started her business in March of 2009 after her career at DAL Global Services. Thanks to her creativity, insistence on quality and some clever branding that placed Big Daddy, her American Bulldog that she rescued off the streets, front and center, her business has grown steadily. From an initial customer base of mostly friends and family, word spread quickly via referrals and the effective use of social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

Big Daddy Biscuits are now available in more than 20 retail outlets across the metro area as well as many farmers’ markets. Within the community, neighbors can pick up treats at Sevenanda, Drip Coffee, Parkgrounds and Candler park market. Lauren also ships anywhere in the nation, so you can easily order a holiday gift for your eco-conscious dog lover right from her site at www.bigdaddybiscuits.com.”