About Big Daddy

Iwas rescued off the streets near the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta. I was so little that my head was bigger than my body. I had been on the street so long without proper nourishment that I developed Toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that causes blindness. Because of this, I have cataracts in both eyes and am going blind. When a friend brought me to Big Mama, she fell instantly in love. She nursed me back to health, and today my body is strong and happy. Big Mama and I are inseparable and have a large extended family. I get plenty of attention now, but, most of all, I make my mom happy.
Lauren and Big Daddy
After adopting me, Big Mama knew that she wanted to help other dogs lead happy, healthy lives. After a long career in the airline industry, she left to start Big Daddy Biscuits. Named for me, our biscuits are made with all natural and organic ingredients (Many Come From Our Local Farmers). While I don’t exactly bake, I help by keeping my mom company in the kitchen while she hand-presses each biscuit. It looks like hard work, but after rolling out the mixture, pressing all the cool shapes, and popping them in the oven, smelling them as they bake makes it all worthwhile. Well, at least for me!